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Creating memorable live experiences

The Stage

Before the “Lights, Camera, Action” que the concert stage pulls in a myriad of counterparts and a key component to an event because the stage is what everyone sees. 


The Production

Though working as the motor engine to any event the production aims to run invisibly in the background

Front Of House

The Front of House is the control center and remains a critical component before and during events

Bringing It All Together

If you’ve been to a major concert before you’ve probably had that “wow” looking around at the excitement of the audience or being amazed by the flashing lights not to mention the performance itself. Concerts are one of the largest productions you can face and it draws on and exhausts every aspect to create a successful performance. We take you through the stages of creating a successful concert and remain as a strong support through the entire cycle to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible

"I didn't want the concert to end"

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