Maintaining The Standard Of Worship 

Band Consultancy

Review your aspirations, expectations and recieve consultation to maximise and grow band performance

Content Production

Get creative support to generate engaging content for your audience

Choir Consultancy

Identify and plan the elements needed to develop your choir.


Create memorable and electrifying live experiences

service music production

Produce music tailored to special moments in your service


Achieve the highest possible visual and sound quality

graphic ARTIST

Communicate and inspire through strong visual concepts


Grow your church through effective marketing strategies and proven techniques

album production

Build and develop yhte structure and sound of your songs for an album debut


The Worship Company

Goziam Okogwu is a producer, musical director and music consultant whose award-winning work spans across continents and generations. Goziam founded The Worship Company Publishing, in 2020, which is one of the first Black-owned gospel music publishing companies in the UK. With his vast experience within the Christian and secular music industry Goziam uses his skills to make a difference in the music industry.

The Worship Company, educates and empowers artistes, musicians/performers and practitioners to be the best version of themselves within the industry. 

Goziam is passionate about driving change through leadership within the industry and uses his modern vision and perspective to guide talent in a dynamic way.